Monday- “Sock” it to cancer- Wear crazy socks

Tuesday- Be someone’s “Hero”- dress up as a superhero

Wednesday- “Pink-a-Ween” Wear Halloween costumes (no masks) will paint pinkies today

Thursday- Give cancer a “workout” Dress in your workout/active gear

Friday- Pink Out- Dress in ALL PINK


Items for sale:

Rice Krispy and pinkie nail money are due Wednesday, Oct. 31st

All other money must be turned in by Thursday Nov 1st.


Pink Pinkie nail (Wednesday) 50 cents

Pink Rice Krispy (Wednesday)- 50 cents

Pink Ribbon Sticker- 25 cents

Pink Ribbon Face tattoo- 50 cents

Pink Ribbon Pencil- 50 cents

Pink Ribbon Bracelet- 50 cents

Tribute Tree Ribbon- $1.00

All items are available while supplies last.